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          SOCA, School of Creative Art
           University of Windsor, Installation 2010
Below, 2x reflection, small Claude mirror, truck and car mirrors and mounts, camera indoors (at an art school), at the Ambassador Bridge entrance between Detroit and Canada, servicing 14,000 trucks per day.
It would have been easy to zoom in on the truck mirror to exclude the background, but in this instance this was part of the work.
This sort of installation could be made smaller, and with a far less sophisticated camera, without weatherproof housing. Furthermore it would be possible to confine the whole of the installation indoors, camera, Claude mirror and mirror, so it couldn't be easily seen from outside. Zoomed into the truck mirror one could contrive an installation that protects the privacy of anyone in the building or on the grounds, confining the view to the distant public space. The camera doesn't need a large Claude mirror, large is only needed for first-hand public viewing in larger numbers, all viewing at the same time.

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